Ooms polymer modified emulsion (OPME)

Ooms polymer modified emulsion (OPME) is used for Micro-surfacing and other advanced applications.

Polymer modified bitumen emulsions are a special class of bituminous emulsions. There are several ways to prepare Polymer modified bitumen emulsions. One possibility is to emulsify a PMB; another is to add latex to a bitumen emulsion, either prior to the colloid mill or after. In all cases, the resulting Polymer modified bitumen emulsion shows improved rheological properties of the residue after breaking. Their design and manufacture differ in several ways from those of unmodified emulsions.. Polymer modified bitumen emulsions have been successfully used for several decades in the road industry. They represent a class of high performance binders whose preferred application is in the form of chip seals and as micro-surfacing for heavily trafficked pavements.

Polymer modified bitumen emulsions are recommended for all emulsion applications. The advantages are as follows:

  • • Improve performance
  • • Stiffer at high temperatures (prevents bleeding, rutting)
  • • Less brittle at low temperatures (resists shelling, cracking)
  • • More adhesive (more resistant to early chip loss, ravelling, delamination)
  • • Less susceptible to moisture damage
  • • Less susceptible to oxidative aging (prevents ravelling, cracking)
  • • More elastic – fatigue resistant (reduces chip loss, cracking)

Micro-Surfacing, being widely used in India, is a polymer modified, asphalt emulsion based, dense graded, cold mixed, quick setting, asphalt resurfacing material. It is designed to be applied in a semi-liquid condition with a specialized mixing and paving machine. By design it chemically changes from a semi-liquid material to a dense cold mix material that is able to carry normal traffic within one hour after application.

Micro-surfacing is a surface treatment for preventive maintenance, rut filling and improving skid resistance on asphalt or concrete pavements. It has been found that a well -designed micro-surfacing treatment at appropriate time can extend the pavement life significantly at a much lower cost than rehabilitation. Advantages of micro-surfacing are:

  • • Fills ruts, can be applied at varying thicknesses
  • • Restores texture, improves skid resistance
  • • Fast application.
  • • Cures quickly for early traffic return
  • • Night-time or day-time application
  • • Ultrathin for maintaining overhead clearances, curb reveal and drainage
  • • Black surface

Ooms provide complete solution from analysing aggregates, formulating OPME and developing the job mix formula. OPME is the perfect solution for maintenance of national highways, state roads and city roads.