As per IS 8887:2004

An exceptionally versatile product with delayed breaking action for various applications as mentioned below:
- Pot hole repair/ Patch work
- 20 mm Pre-mix Carpet

  • - No heating required
  • - Environment friendly
  • - Economical
  • - Ease in application
  • - Bond with existing surface
  • - Least interference with traffic
  • - Bonds well to cool, damp surface
  • - Stable patches
  • - Low temperature cure
  • - Minimal preparation time for surface repair
  • - Resistance to peel off under traffic
  • - Resistance to stripping by water
  • - Instant setting and fast development of strength

This high quality material now makes it possible to fill patches or carry out patch repair with open graded cold premix made on site. The methods typically used for the repair of potholes using asphalt emulsion are throw-and-roll and full-depth removal and replacement. All of these methods involve placing cold mix in the pot hole with a shovel and compacting with a truck tire, vibratory plate compactor or steel wheel roller.