Polymer Modified Bitumen, exceeding specification of
IRC:SP:53 and IS:15462 for long life Highways, Expressways,
Airports and Industrial pavements.

  • ApplicationsOpen or Close

    # Surfacing (wearing and binder course) for roads with high traffic intensity/heavy axle loads „„
    # Busy intersections, round abouts, and bridge decks „„
    # Airports/seaports/industrial parking „„
    # Stress absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI) for checking reflection cracks
    # Cracks filling and sealants

  • AdvantagesOpen or Close

    # Offers improved pavement performance without any compromise.
    # Increased fatigue resistance of bituminous mixes
    # Better adhesion to reduce risk of stripping by water
    # Higher degree of flexibility at low temperature
    # Prevention of cracking, raveling, deformation & creep failure
    # Suitable for all climatic regions
    # Environment friendly products
    # Have long storage and service life
    # Most effective as they offer better design options

  • Test & ApprovalsOpen or Close

    Ooms PMB is produced in a state of the art central plant equipped with high shear machine as per the guidelines laid down by IRC:SP:53 and Indian standards IS 15462 specification for Polymer & Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen. Ooms PMB has been tested by premium institutes of the country like Central Road Research Institute New Delhi, Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun & Indian Institute of Technology Madras as per IRC:SP:53 and IS 15462 and has been found to fully meet the guidelines and specification.

  • PropertiesOpen or Close

    Bituminous mixes based on Ooms PMB binders are characterized by:
    # High resistance to fatigue, aging, stripping and cracking
    # Low temperature susceptibility „„
    # High flexibility „„
    # High stability