Ooms Cold mix binder OCMB

Ooms Cold mix binder (OCMB) is an engineered solution based on the type of aggregate used, weather conditions, site characteristics etc. Specially designed emulsions and additives are used to produce OCMB. OCMB properties exceed the requirements of IRC SP: 100.

For road construction, it has been the convention to use hot mix asphalt. However, hot mix production needs sophisticated equipment, temperature control from production to application, skilled manpower etc. Majority of Indian road network comprises of rural roads and deployment such capital-intensive equipment is not feasible. Also, getting skilled manpower is a big challenge.

Failure to adhere to these requirements lead to reduced durability for the pavements. The challenges become almost insurmountable in :

- high rainfall areas as intermittent rain throughout the year affect production and laying of mixes
- high attitude or snow-bound areas as mix gets solidified quickly
- winter conditions
- long transit distance between the hot mix plant and the project site
- undue delay in laying the mix

Cold Mix, therefore, is the right solution for rural and other low volume roads.

Cold mix is produced at ambient temperature, whereas in case of hot mix, aggregates and binder are mixed at high temperature. OCMB mixtures have far lower permeability and good resistance to deformation. Cold mix has the following distinct advantages:

- Ready to use material – No heating, no preparation near road side.
- An environmentally responsible product with zero on-site fossil fuel burning and absolutely zero pollution
- Simple to use and better workability – No expensive equipment required.
- Health friendly – No occupational hazards to workers
- Engages unskilled labours and creates income-earning green jobs to villagers
- Works even in wet and humid climatic conditions – extended paving season<
- 4-5 times faster progress compared with conventional hot mix system - Completes 1km in 3-4 days with proper manpower and support (by using Concrete Mixer)
- Fuel savings compared to the typical hot mix system, leading to the reduction of over 4,000 kgs of CO2emission per km

OOMS provide complete solution from analysing aggregates, formulating OCMB and developing the job mix formula. Application support is also provided to ensure longer life of the pavement. OCMB is the perfect solution to construction of new roads, renewal and maintenance works for rural roads, district roads and other low to medium traffic volume roads.